Slavica Milošević was born in Cetinje on the 14th of August 1992.

She is a published author of seven books, two of them dramas. One book, “It’s all said Amelie”, was published in English and is a collection of selected essays published in her mother tongue.

Slavica is a Professional Member of PEN America.

She is distinguished for her work of art which includes essays, poetry in prose, reflective lyric poetry, micro essays, intertextuality, and literary collage.

Her texts on Danilo Kis and Petar Lubarda are published by the website Montenegrina.

She is a contributor to the Art website PULSE, and blogs for the prestigious media in Israel „Jerusalem Post“ ( and „Times of Israel“ (

Published books

knjiga: Kajanje za poneti

Repentance to take

“Zvala sam se lice, shvatila sam da samo Naličja opstaju.”

Circus performer, Idealist and a fool

Publisher: Nova Poetika

“Slavica Milošević has an interest in her own time, in which she inhabits, dries, criticizes and defends herself from the timeless madness with great weapons – sensitivity and intellect… I especially believe in gifts and energy, such as Slavica has, which is not “contaminated” by egoism and hypocrisy, but on a Don Quixote way captures the reader. Before us, we have a seemingly strange literal form with a lot of strong associations…”

Milomir Cvetković

Let the sky comfort me

Publisher: Draslar

“Let the sky comfort me” is a collection of essays and poetry. It expresses the creative impression of strong emotions and feelings.

When Caryatids Cry

Publisher: Draslar

With great respect, Slavica explains the powerful experience of beautiful statues on the temple in the shape of women that resulted in a collection of Prosaic Poetry and poems.

You, me and Prevert

Publisher: Draslar

You, me and Prevert is a drama, written in the form of intertextuality.

It is all said, Amelie

Publisher: Draslar

A collection of essays and Micro-Essays.

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