Solitude and inner peace as an inspiration – Irina Karra
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Irina KarraThe Russian-born American, California based artist abstractionist, using acrylic paints with a runny (fluid) consistency.
Also known as fluid art, Fluid Painting.
Was studying at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.
School of Visual Arts in New York and Los Angeles.
Was working as an actress and model in United States

First of all, welcome to Montenegro, I hope that you have great time here. How does it happen that you have decided to come in our country and make an exhibition?

~ Thank you!
Initially, my visit to your country should not have lasted more than two weeks. But because of the pandemic, my stay in your country lasted a year and a half.
And I fell in love with Montenegro! It’s a beautiful country with beautiful nature and beautiful people! My art was born in this country. This country has energized and inspired my creativity. It was and still is my hobby , because I don’t consider myself as a professional painter , in the academic sense of the word. Painting became my love, my passion, a reflection of my inner world and the outlet of my sexual energy.
And I’m very happy that my work resonates with many! It was a big surprise to me , to be honest. So, as you can see, I was making my paintings without dreaming of a personal exhibition at all. It was pure enjoyment and expression through colours and forms. My ecstasy! The idea of the exhibition was initiated by my friends, much later.

You are an actress, model, painter, however if I ask you from your perspective, who is the Irina Karra, what would u describe yourself?

~ I’m just a person like everyone else who lives through the experience of this life and all the roles listed above and many more during the lifetime. Yes, I’ve had a unique experience living as an actress, a model, an artist , but in fact, I am not one of the above-mentioned characters.

I’m just a traveller, living through many experiences in this earthly incarnation!

You have told me that while you have been here in Montenegro, you have started to paint, tell me more about it?

It was a pure impulse, an inner desire , an excess of energy that found its way into the paintings. I just followed my inner desire!

6. Where does your inspiration come from?

The nature, people, relationships, books, music, the energy of this beautiful country. Solitude and inner peace, where you can hear the music of your heart.

It is pleasure and pressure to be a way different, how does it feel to be yourself and do not care what other people say about your projects?

~When you know who you are and the most importantly who you are not then it becomes very easy and even fun!
But I always have great respect for every opinion, every vision, and I respect every point of View. I think it’s great! Without it, life would be dull, it gives life flavour and spice!

You had your first exhibition in Bar, how did you come on idea to make it happen here?

Has anyone supported you and gave you suggestion about it?

I have to mention that Mirko Bujisic was an initiator of that beautiful exhibition, he is doing brilliant job.
~Thank you so very much to Mirko Bujisic.
He did an amazing job! At the beginning, we discussed donating my paintings to the orphanage in Montenegro. I didn’t think seriously about the exhibition, Maybe because I didn’t take myself seriously in that role…;) and I still do
I would like to thank him for his faith in me ! It was an amazing experience! It was beautiful event ! Very classy!
I was supported by my dear friends, who introduced me to Mirko Bujisic.

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